Umegaya — MEtadata GAtherer using YAml

Umegaya is a gatherer of meta information about the software packaged in Debian. This metadata is accumlated by the package maintainer in the version control system containing the Debian souce package, in a file called debian/upstream/metadata, and it is collected by the Umegaya web service each time it is accessed. The Umegaya web service then aggregates information about all the packages it knows, and outputs as tables or YAML records that can be loaded in central information hubs like the Ultimate Debian Database. Optionally, Umegaya will keep a local copy if the files it retrieves from the VCS. See also UpstreamMetadata on the Debian wiki.

Umegaya is distributed under the BOLA LICENSE.

See the setup and man pages for more documentation, the todo list, and of course the source code.